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Fri. 10/1 All day Last quarter
Sat. 10/2 All day Feast of the Guardian Angels
All day Feast of the Gaurdian Angles Catholic day
Thu. 10/7 All day New moon
Thu. 10/14 All day First quarter
Sat. 10/23 All day Full moon
All day Creation
Sat. 10/30 All day Last quarter
All day Reformation Day Protestant day. On this day in 1517 Martin Luther posted his Ninety-five Theses on the door of the church in Wittenberg Germany, thereby beginning the Protestant Reformation. Lutherans observe this day on the preceding of following Sunday.
Sun. 10/31 All day Reformation Day
Mon. 11/1 All day All Saints Day
Sat. 11/6 All day New moon
Sat. 11/13 All day First quarter
Mon. 11/15 All day Yaum-Arafah (Yom Arafat) Yom Arafat falls on the ninth of Dhu Al-Hijja, when people on the Hajj are assembled for the "standing" at the plain of Arafat (in Mina near Makkah) during the Haj. Muslims around the world gather at the local mosque (masjid) for prayer in spiritual solidarity with those at Arafat.
Tue. 11/16 All day Eidul-Adha (Eid Al-Adha) Eid Al-Adha ("The Feast of the Sacrifice") commemorates Abraham's willingness and obedience to sacrifice his son Ishmael to God (and God's mercy in substituting a lamb for Ishmael). This feast is part of the Haj, and takes place on the tenth of Dhu Al-Hijja of the Islamic calendar. For those on the Hajj and for many others the day begins with the sacrifice of an animal in commemoration of the Angel Gabriel's substitution of a lamb as Abraliam's sacrificial obligation. One-third of the meat is given to the poor, with the remainder shared with neighbors and family members. This holiday is then celebrated in much the same way as Eid Al-Fitr - with good food, gifts for children and general merrymaking.
Sun. 11/21 All day Full moon
Sun. 11/28 All day Last quarter
All day Advent Sunday Sunday closest to St Andrew's Day begins the Advent season and the beginning of the ecclesiastical year. There are four Advent Sundays before Christmas.
Sun. 12/5 All day New moon
Tue. 12/7 All day Islamic New Year The First of Muharram marks the new year. The date fluctuates (in the Gregorian calendar) from year to year as it is based on the Islamic lunar calendar.
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