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Fri. 11/18 All day Last quarter
Fri. 11/25 All day New moon
Sat. 11/26 All day Islamic New Year The First of Muharram marks the new year. The date fluctuates (in the Gregorian calendar) from year to year as it is based on the Islamic lunar calendar.
Mon. 11/28 All day Advent Sunday Sunday closest to St Andrew's Day begins the Advent season and the beginning of the ecclesiastical year. There are four Advent Sundays before Christmas.
Fri. 12/2 All day First quarter
Mon. 12/5 All day Ashurah Ashura is celebrated on the ninth and tenth month of Muharram. The word ashura means "ten" and is a time of fasting, reflection and meditation. Jews of the city of Medina fasted on the tenth day in remembrance of their salvation from the Pharaoh, and the Prophet Muhammad pledged he would fast for two days instead of one in this same remembrance, but he died the following year and so never fasted as he had hoped. For many Muslims there is joy in commemorating all of the wonderful events traditions say occurred on this day, including: Noah's ark came to rest, the Prophet Abraham was born, the Kaaba was built. Among Shiite Muslims, it is a day of special sorrow commemorating the martyrdom of the Prophet's grandson Hussain and his followers at the battle of Kerbala in Islam's first century. It is commemorated in Shiite communities with reenactment of these events and is a time of mourning.
Sat. 12/10 All day Full moon
Sun. 12/18 All day Last quarter
Sat. 12/24 All day New moon
Sun. 12/25 All day Christmas
Sun. 1/1 All day First quarter
Mon. 1/9 All day Full moon
Mon. 1/16 All day Last quarter
Mon. 1/23 All day New moon
Tue. 1/31 All day First quarter
Sat. 2/4 All day Mawlid an Nabi
Tue. 2/7 All day Full moon
Tue. 2/14 All day Last quarter
Tue. 2/21 All day New moon
Thu. 3/1 All day First quarter
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