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بسم اللہ الرحمان الرحیم
In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful


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It is an established fact that Ahmadiyyat penetrated into Ghana in 1921. The rapid progress and strides chalked by the Markazi Missionaries in the propagation of Ahmadiyyat, called for the training of local missionaries. Markazi Missionaries trained some individuals who acted as missionaries.

Before then, Experimental Missionary Training Schools had been set up in Wa, in the Upper West Region by Alhaj Imam Saleh, Agona Swedru in the Central Region, Mampong and Kumasi in the Ashanti Region.

In 1962 an experimental missionary training college was established under the instrumentality of the Late Maulana Abdul Malik Khan-then Ashanti Regional Missionary to run a two-year missionary course. Seven students passed out from this course. Out of the seven, the best two graduates namely Muhammad Yusuf Yawson Sahib and the late Abdul Wahid Obeng were sent to the Markaz for further studies.

In May 1965, Sahibzada Mirza Mubarak Ahmad, Wakil-e-Ala & Wakil-ut-Tabshir toured West Africa and in a meeting with the Ameers and Missionaries-in-charge of various West African countries, a decision to set up a Missionary training Collage at Saltpond was endorsed.

By the Grace of Allah, the college Ahmadiyya Muslim Missionary Training College Ghana started on 21ST March 1966 under the auspices of Maulvi Ata Ullah Kaleem-then Ameer and Missionary -in-charge of Ghana. The college was therefore inaugurated on 21st March, 1966 by Maulana Ata Ullah Kaleem with a student population of thirteen (13): nine Ghanaians and four Nigerians.

Maulvi Muhammad Siddique Gurdaaspuri was appointed as the first principal and Mr. Jibreal Saeed as Housemaster. Maulvi Siddique Sahib served the college as principal for two years. On his transfer to Sierra Leone, Maulvi Abdul Wahab Bin Adam- then Regional Missionary for Brong Ahafo served the college for one year as Principal and was succeeded by Mr.Abdul Hakeem Jouza, from Pakistan. According to Maulvi Abdul Wahab Bin Adam, two teachers: Mr. Ibrahim Manu and Mr. Fareed Menyah helped in the college as teachers during his tenure of office.




Name & Tenure

1. Maulvi Muhammad Siddique Gurdaaspuri (1966-1968)

2. Maulvi Abdul Wahab Bin Adam (1968-1969)

3. Maulvi Abdul Hakeem Jouza (1969-1972)

4. Maulvi Mirza Naseer Ahmad (1973-1979)

5. Maulvi Abdur Razzaq Butt (1979-1990)

6. Maulvi Naseer Ahmad Shahid (1991 -1996)

7. Maulvi Muhammad Yusuf Yawson (1997-2000)

8. Maulvi Yusuf Bin Salih (2000-2003)

9. Maulvi Hameed Ullah Zafar (2004- 2015)

10. Maulvi Faheem Ahmad Khadim (2015- Date)



  1.  Mr.Jibreel Saeed

  2. Mr.Ibrahim Muhammad Manu

  3. Maulvi Sayyad Mansoor Bashir Ahmad

  4.  Maulvi Jamal-ud-Din Shams

  5.  Mr.Fareed Menyah

  6. Maulvi Idrees Tihero

  7. Maulvi Fazal Ahmad Majoka             (July2002 up to 15-03-2010)

  8.  Maulvi Muzaffar Ahmad Khalid

  9. Maulvi Hameed Ullah Zafar                       (7-1-2004 to Oct. 2015)

  10. Maulvi  Mohammad Ibrahim Khan   (12-11-2005 up to 19-07-2006)

  11. Hafiz Sayyad Mashhood Ahmad       (12-11-2005)

  12. Maulvi Omar Farooq Yahya            (13-09-2006 up to 4-06-2012)

  13. Hafiz Tyyab Ahmad Tahir             (22-06-2007)

  14. Maulvi Wasim Ahmad Fazal           (22-06-2007)

  15. Maulvi Suhail Ahmad Basra         (30-06-2008)

  16. Maulvi  Alhassan Bashir Annan    (26-09-2007 up to 23-4-6-2009)

  17. Mirza Khalil Ahmad Baig             ( 15-05-2009 up to 15-07-2012)

  18. Hafiz Abdul Majeed tahir             (17-05-2010 up to 15-07-2012)

  19. Hafiz Abdul Hayee Bahtti             ( 12-02-2011

  20. Maulvi Naveed Ahmad Mangla          (2012 up to 15-07-2012)

  21. Maulvi Abdul Waheed Bhatti                     (30-06-2008 to 2015)

  22. Hafiz Abdul Nasir Bhatti                             (17-05-2010 to 2015)

  23. Maulvi Nawaz Ahmad                                 (17-05-2010 to 2015)

  24. Muhammad Ihsan Noor                               (03-10-2013 to 2015)

  25. Mr. Alhassan Kobina Atta Wenchi            (Sep. 1972 to Aug. 2017)

  26. Maulvi Rana Bilal Ahmad               (22-08-2016 to 4-7-2017 )

  27. Mauvli Sayyad Fahad Ahmad                    (22-8-2016 to 5-8-2017)

  28. Maulvi Faheem Ahmad Khadim 2004 up to 07-09-2006+2015 to date

  29. Maulvi Mubashir Hussain Shahid (22-6-2007 to date)

  30. Maulvi Tahir Ahmad Zafar   (30-06-2008 up to date)

  31. Malik Ghulam Ahmad                 ( August 2013 to date)

  32. Murabbi Abdul Majeed Ali (2013 to date)

  33. Maulvi Alhassan Alhassan Ahmad            (2015 to date)

  34. Maulvi Rizwan Kausar                                (26-9-2015 to date)

  35. Maulvi Mubashir Ahmad Iqbal                  (22-11-2016 to date)

  36. Hafiz Labeeb Abdullah                              (1-10-2018 to date)




Records available to the college indicate that six hundred and thirty nine (639) students have passed out from the college. They belong to Ghana Congo, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Liberia, The Gambia, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Zaire, Benin, Guinea Bissau, Senegal, Mali, Togo, Fiji, Uganda, Kenya, Sao-Tome, Rwanda, Mauritius, Togo, Mayotte, Madagascar, Solomon Islands and Belize. All the students who graduated from the college were awarded Diploma in Theology.

Since its establishment in 1966, the college was run on batch system until last academic year when it was switched on to the yearly intake system. With the batch system, twelve (12) batches of students passed through the college with every batch spending three years.

 Some Students who graduated from this college were assigned important positions in various quarters of the Mission across the world. Few examples of such personalities are given below:

  1. Late Abdul Rashid Aghbola-Ameer and Missionary - in charge Nigeria

  2. Maulvi Noor Mohammed Bin Salih- Ameeer & Missionary In Charge of Ghana

  3. Mr. Ibrahim Bin Yaqub – Ameer and Missionary -in-Charge Trinidad

  4.  Maulvi Alhassan Bashir- Missionary - in- Charge Guyana

  5. Maulvi Abdul Ghaffar Ahmad-recently appointed as Imam of Baitul Futuh Mosque London.

  6. Mualvi Omar Farooq Yahya: Missionary –in-Charge of Zambia.

  7. Murabbi Mumtaz Baidu Sahib served in Solomon Islands.

  8. Mauvli Ghaffar Sahib.

  9. Murabbi Idrees Sahib: Jamaica.

  10. Murabbi Abdul Wahab Anderson: Fiji Islands.

  11. Murabbi Ahmad Ibrahim Forson: Jamaica.

  12. Murabbi Ibrahim Arkoh Junior: served in Fiji Islands.




The college is cited in Ekumfi Ekrawfo in the Central Region of Ghana, having been transferred from Saltpond on 6th January 2003. Historically, Ekrawfo is the birthplace of Ahmadiyyat in Ghana, where the first Ghanaian Ahmadi – Chief Mahdi Appah originates. This is the place where the first Markazi Missionary - Maulana Abdul Rahim Nayyar was received in 1921.

When Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV drew the attention of the Ghana Jamaa’at to cite a monument to honor the town and immortalize such a great achievement, the Majlis Shoora recommended the construction of the Missionary Training College. The construction of this building was completed at the end of 2002.




Ekrawfo Jama’at organized a welcome party for Jamia staff and students on 12th January, 2004. The personalities who graced the occasion with their presence were Maulvi Abdul Ghaffar, Regional Missionary for Central, Alhaj Yakub Boabeng and Osofo Abdul Majeed , Circuit Missionary for Essarkyir, Maulvi Faheem Ahmad Khadim Markazi missionary, tutor at E.AMASS among others. The following personalities were highly commended for purchasing the land and construction of he college building.

  1. Nana Gyabeng VI

  2. Mr. Haneef Keelson

  3. Mr. Hakeem Kofi Yamoah

  4. Mr. Rashid Ahmad Asim, former head of Ekumfi T. I. Ahmadiyya Secondary School Essarkyir

Undoubtedly mention should be made of Opanyin Ali Kweku Arhin who has contributed immensely towards the establishment of Jamia.

Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad Khalifatul Masih V (atba) officially inaugurated this new building on 14th March 2004 during his historic visit to Ghana.



 In 2009, The Principal and the Tutor librarian—Maulvi Suhail Ahmad Saqib—undertook feasibility study of college librarianship by visiting standard libraries in Legon, Winneba and Cape Coast.

The visits led to the renovation of the library. More shelves, sets of furniture and books were provided. Special provision has been made for the binding of old and damaged books, periodicals, newspapers, magazines, etc. The library was stocked with new books from Markaz. Aid to facilitate students learning in the form of provision of TV Satellite and video sets were installed in the library. We wish to express our appreciation to Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim, Medical Officer-in-charge Ahmdiyya Muslim Hospital Daboase, who donated a good quantity of wood for the library furniture.

In response to the utter need for text books and references, a number of books were acquired from Qadian and London for use as supplementary aid to teaching and learning. Periodicals with high marks of Islamic exposition are released monthly or weekly to the college. Some books were donated to our college library by various members of Jama’at.


A new Basketball court is made for the students. The students assisted in preparation of the field. In total Jamia has a football field, two courts of Volley Ball and a cricket pitch.





As part of the centenary celebration of the founding of Jamia Ahmadiyya (Qadian), a souvenir for Ahmadiyya Muslim Missionary Training College (A.M.M.T.C.) was also printed.



The preparation of the Khilafat Centenary Souvenir was assigned to the college by Ameer Sahib. The souvenir had two distinct categories namely Articles and Pictorial.

Contributors of articles centred them principally on Khilafat and contributions of Ahmadi communities in various parts of Ghana profiles of pioneer Ahmadis and many historical materials were presented in it. Memorable pictures of the visit of Khulafa to Ghana were conspicuously lined up in the Souvenir. All Ahmadiyya hospitals, herbal clinics, Secondary Schools, Tahir Homeopathic Complex, Mosques and many other historic pictures were included. Huzur ایدہ اللہ تعالیٰ بنصرہ العزیز gave a copy of the Souvenir to the President of Ghana.



The Khilafat Centenary was so colorfully celebrated that it was thought worthwhile to preserve it as a monument for posterity. Once again, Jamiatul Mubashireen Ghana was honoured with the duty of undertaking the publication of a pictorial. This was accomplished in the most appreciable manner. Huzoor ایدہ اللہ تعالیٰ بنصرہ العزیز was made a recipient of a copy during the U.K. Jalsa Salana our Ameer & Missionary-in-Charge being the presenter. Copies were also presented to some delegates from foreign countries.                                                  


More than three hundred (300) delegates were offered housing and adequately catered for delegates from Uganda, Sierra- Leone, Burkina Faso, Cote d'Ivoire, Mali, Liberia, The Gambia, Congo, Zambia, U.S.A.., Nigeria, Tanzania, Sweden, Holland, Germany, United Kingdom and Pakistan, all enjoyed the serene atmosphere of the college. The national headquarters provided a fleet of Bus which conveyed them to and from the Jalsa Gah.


With the assistance of NHQ and Markaz, new dormitories were constructed. They consist of four accommodation rooms, the wardroom and washrooms. Concrete pavements are made connecting dormitories and mosque.


By the Grace of Allah Huzoor ایدہ اللہ تعالیٰ بنصرہ العزیز has approved to extend Jamia to four years instead of three in 2019. A committee has been formed to deliberate and propose syllabus for four years.


Construction of Mosque

On 17th August 2007, the foundation for the construction of a mosque for the college was laid by late Ameer Maulvi Abdul Wahab bin Adam Sahib assisted by some eminent Ahmadi personalities. The mosque was completed before Hudhur’s visit to Ghana in 2008, and it was inaugurated by Hazrat Khalifatul Masih ایدہ اللہ تعالیٰ بنصرہ العزیز. In addition our gratitude goes to Alhaj Dr. Yusuf Ahmad Edusei Sahib who undertook the entire building project.


The college is now designated “Jamiatul Mubashireen” in accordance with the order of our beloved Imam Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V (atba) in December, 2010.


Acquisition of knowledge has been the primary objectives of the college. In this connection, the computer laboratory which was set up in 2009 with only five computers has  been equipped with fifteen computers. The final year students are carried through computer training by Maulvi Tahir Ahmad Zafar Sahib and by the grace of Allah, they have acquired a reasonable amount of skill in computer science.


     The progressive trend of Jamaat in Ghana, coupled with the zeal and enthusiasm to commit the Holy Qu’ran into memory prompted the National Headquarters to crave the indulgence of Markaz on the inception of Madrasatul Hifz here in Ghana. By the grace of Allah Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V after a meticulous scrutiny of the proposal endorsed its implementation and in January 2005, Hafiz Mubashir Ahmad Javaid was flown in from Pakistan to commence the Madrasatul Hifz.

Interviews were conducted and on March 1st 2005, yet another important milestone was witnessed in the History of Ghana Jama’at.

 And by the Grace of Allah a class for Hafiz course commenced on 1st March, 2005 with an initial student population of forty two (42). Instead, though in its cradle, the Madrasatul Hifz Ghana admitted 2 students from neighbouring Burkina Faso .The students, all Ghanaian were drawn from various Regions of the country. A newly appointed Markazi Missionary, Hafiz Mubashir Ahmad Javaid is in-charge of the Hafiz Course. Hafiz Sayyad Mashood Ahmad also joined Hafiz Class as tutor in December, 2005. Later on Hafiz Abdul Majeed Tahir Sahib was also posted to the Madrasatulhifz as Tutor after Haiz Syyad Mashhod Ahmad Sahib was posted to Jamia Ahmadiyya U.K. Currently. Hafiz Abdul Majeed Tahir Sahib was posted to Jamia Ahmadiyya International. Hafiz Khaleeq Bashir Sahib joined as tutor in 2016. Sayyad Ibrahim Shaha a devotee from Lybia joined Madrassa in April, 2019. There are twenty six (26) in Madrasa-tul-Hifz, 21 from Ghana, 2 from Ivory Coast, one from Liberia, one from Burkina Faso and one from Mali. We are running Madrasatul Hifz on batch system and presently we are running the third batch of students. Beside the major pattern of studies is based on the memorization of the Holy Quran. Special classes are organized between Maghrib and Isha. Moral lessons and general Islamic knowledge are carried through with the pupils. The pupils are encouraged to participate in most of the activities carried out by the Jamia students as well.

By the grace of Allah, fifty eight (58) students have so far completed memorization of the Holy Qur’an from Madrasatul hifz Ghana. Out of these fifty eight 47 Huffaz belonged to Ghana, two belonged to Uganda, three from Burkina Faso, one from Benin and one from The Gambia, two from Liberia, one from Togo and one from Ivory Coast.

By the grace of Allah, now, the situation whereby over-zealous Ghanaian children wishing to memorize the Quran had to travel across borders to Nigeria is now a thing of the past.

Visits of Khulafa-e-Masih to Jamiatul Mubashireen

1. Hazrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad – Khalifatul Masih III رحمہ اللہ  visited the college during his tour of Ghana in 1970 and 1980.

2. Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad – Khalifatul Masih IV  رحمہ اللہalso set his blessed foot to the college during his historic visit to Ghana in 1988. On his visit to the college, he called for the refurbishment of the college library with more literary materials.

On his return to London, a consignment of valuable books on Hadith and Tafseer was sent from Egypt under his auspicious instructions.

3. Hazrat Khalifa tul Masih V  ایدہ اللہ تعالیٰ بنصرہ العزیزvisited the college:

     March 14th 2004 is a landmark in the history of A.M.M.T.C. The day witnessed the setting of the foot of our beloved Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V( atba ) on the soil of Jamiatul Mubashireen Ghana. A thick crowd was at the Jamia to join in welcoming him. He spent about four hours on the campus and took his lunch here. Huzur led the Zuhur and Asr prayers.Huzur undertook scrupulous inspection of the facilities available at the college. He instructed the expansion of the college library by bringing books published in Rabwah and London. His Holiness unveiled a plaque mounted on the administration block and planted a tree in the center of the campus. Huzoor took group photographs with members of the academic staff: students and other personalities.


Huzur took time to grant audience to the students who made self-introduction to him and sought to know their individual problems. He proceeded to address them. The address- the first address delivered by Huzur to students of Jamia Ahmadiyya anywhere since his election run as follows:

“My dear students of Jamia Ahmadiyya Ghana! I just want to say few words to you. You have come here in this Jamia Ahmadiyya in obedience to the Quranic injunction of TAFAQQUH FIDDEEN and that put a great responsibility on all of you and you should fulfill this responsibility with total honesty and diligence. May Allah bestow his favors on you and may He enable you to serve the cause of Masih Maud (A.S)and Mahdi Maud (A.S) as his chosen servant.

This Divine favor demands that you submit to Allah in gratitude and complete dedication and in learning always remember the saying of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) that ‘gain religious knowledge and adopt dignity and sovereignty of this knowledge and develop the relationship of respect and reverence from whom you gain this knowledge. May Allah enable you to pursue your education with seriousness and similarly may Allah develop in you the special inclination and relish for prayer.

                                          Allah’s pleasure should be the only goal. Remember! Allah’s pleasure should be the only goal. Respect your teachers. You must learn to honor any one who may have taught you even one word. What ever you have learnt, may you spread it further just for the pleasure of Allah and His Messenger. May you absorb and further spread this religious knowledge.

You have offered yourselves as I have earlier told with the intention of TAFAQQUH FIDDEEN. Therefore learn the Knowledge of religion with full concentration and also excel in piety. The Promised Messiah (AS) has said in one of his books that only the knowledge of the Holy Quran creates true reverence of Allah. The said verse I read here, because true piety and compassion comes with knowledge as Allah, the Almighty himself says:                                                                                                

Only those of His servants, who possess knowledge, fear Allah, the almighty. This clearly indicates that real knowledge creates the true reverence of Allah and Allah, the Almighty has associated knowledge with righteousness. Therefore the one who is a genuine scholar will have in him the real reverence of Allah.

                                          By knowledge He says, ‘ by knowledge I mean scholarship of the Holy Quran and not the knowledge of philosophy, sciences and other current subjects because righteousness or virtue are not required for acquiring knowledge in these subjects. Even the sinner and impious person can equally learn these subjects just as the pious and the righteous person can. But true knowledge of the Holy Quran is never given to anyone except the pious and virtuous.

And knowledge here means the knowledge of Holy Quran that produces piety and reverence of Allah, the Almighty. May Allah make you truly righteous and the servants of your religion and may you hoist the flag of Ahmadiyya and true Islam in your countries as soon as possible.

                           Another important matter some times, it comes to the mind of some people.  Some of Waqifeen when they go into the field that because of the economic conditions, some times they may not survive under those conditions. So remember that those who serve the religion do not starve. The Holy Prophet (May Allah’s peace and blessings be upon Him) have said that the one who acquires the knowledge of religion and then devotes himself to its service. Then Allah takes over the responsibility of feeding him and He provides his livelihood from that sources where he can not imagine. This is the good news for those who abandon the world for the sake of serving the religion.

Learn to be content and you will notice that God willing, He, Himself will take over the responsibility to fulfill your needs. Whenever you need anything, submit yourself before Allah, the Almighty and only before him because He is the provider of the world. May Allah make you the servants of the religion and bless you with the protection of your faith and this world. That was what I wanted to say to you”


His Holiness Hazrat Khaliftul Masih V (a.t.b.a.) signed the visitors’ book to climax his historic and memorable visit to Jamia Ahmadiyya commenting thus:

“Very much progressing pace. May Allah enable all the students who pass out from this great institution to serve the cause of Islam Ahmadiyya with their full capabilities and potential. Ameen”


SECOND VISIT OF HAZRAT KHALIFATUL MASIH Vایدہ اللہ تعالیٰ بنصرہ العزیز

Huzur's second visit to Ghana commenced from April, 2008. He arrived in  Jamiah on 21st April,2008.  with his entourage composed of eminent personalities including his wife - Hazrat Begum Sahiba, his private secretary and the Additional Wakeel-ul- Tabshir. Jamiah was put in shape to commensurate Huzur's visit. Fourteen (14) flags were exhibited to represent the various countries whose nationals were receiving tuition in the college.

Huzur inspected the dormitories, the Kitchen and the college farms.

He proceeded to plant a mango tree to commemorate his visit. Huzur led the Zuhur and Asr prayers. He granted ~ special audience to the students and exhorted them to be ever vigilant and devotional.

Fourteen Huffaz who had completed the memorization course were presented with certificates by Huzur. Huzur's lucid impression of the college was recorded in the visitors' book. He took a group photograph with the academic staff and the students. His visit made lasting impression on the college.


Huzur later addressed the Jamia students. After reciting Tashahhud, Ta’awwuz and Surat-ul-Fatiha, he said:

         “All of you who are sitting in front of me are Waqf-e-Zindagi. You have opted to be missionaries. As has now been mentioned in the report, the number of Jamia students has risen to 109, and by the grace of Allah we have almost 20 people in Hafiz class. So, the responsibilities that you have opted for, whilst being missionaries, is not a small responsibility, it puts great burden on your shoulders. When the Jama’at spreads, the responsibility increases, and nowadays we see the Jama'at is spreading by leaps and bounds. So, your responsibility will also keep increasing because of that. You, have opted for learning the religious teachings, for training the new born and young Ahmadis and for the training of new comers who are joining Ahmadiyyat in numbers. The Qur’an taught us the way, how to tackle the situation, it says, in Surah-e-Tauba that,

“It is not possible for the believers to go forth all together why then does a party from every section of them go forth, that they may become well versed in belief, and that they warn their people when they turn to them, so that they may guard against evil.”

So, we have seen from the report today that we have students from 15 countries of the African continent, not just Africa but East and South Africa as well. Since you have volunteered yourselves willingly, for the cause of spreading the message of Allah, you are the people who have come from various countries to learn religion to learn religious knowledge indepth. So it is your foremost duty to work hard, and to concentrate on your studies. Your respective Jama’ats, your parents, have sent you here to learn more about religion, so that when you get back to your home countries, you teach them what the true Islam and Ahmadiyyat is. So always remember, that if you are not fully concentrating on your studies, you are not doing what you have been sent here, then you cannot be well versed and resultantly you cannot be of those who have opted for learning about religion. So this should be kept in mind by every student. With the attaining of the knowledge, there should be a significant change in your appearance, in your behavior, in your attitude towards your fellow beings, and of course it should excel you in every direct and close relation with God, The Almighty. So all these things are as important as attaining knowledge, if after having gained knowledge there is no significant change in your lives, then that knowledge is useless, you cannot be considered among those people who search for the religious knowledge. If you are not changing yourself, if there is no complete change in your lives, then you are just like a shell without a nut. You are just like a peel of fruit that can be used to some extent for some minor purposes, but not for such a big task which is going to be entrusted upon you. So therefore to be a true missionary, make a complete change in yourself. Those who are already in the field they should also remember this thing. If you make a complete change in yourself, that will actually make you and enable you to reform your surroundings. Then that will be the real and fruitful knowledge you have attained from this institution,. In that case, when you learn and practise, then you can make your people free from all evils, as it has been said in the verse I have read. Otherwise you will be targeted, people will raise their fingers on you, that, “What are you telling us!?!” “What are you trying to teach us!?!” “We do not see it in yourself!!” Then the Qur’an says,

“You are the best people raised for the good of mankind; you enjoin what is good and forbid evil, and believe in Allah.”

Although it is a general commandment for every Muslim, and it is expected from everyone to act upon and remember it always, but especially for the Ahmadis who have embraced Ahmadiyyat, and have announced that we are the people who have, after joining Ahmadiyyat, made a significant change in our lives,. But for those special people. For you, Who have opted to dedicate their lives for this particular field. How important this injunction is for you.  You can only enjoin good, when you yourself are practising all these commandments given in the Holy Qur’an. When you yourself have excelled yourself to such a high status, high rank, where you always obey and prostrate to Allah. When Allah has given you such a high rank and status, by saying that,  Muslims are the best of mankind, so you are the best among the Muslims also. You hold a more higher status, that you are the cream of the cream, the best of the best. You are the ones among those people who have accepted Ahmadiyyat. But, you are one step ahead of them, you have opted to learn the religion, to learn the indepth knowledge of Islam, to have a more deep connection with Allah. You are the ones who have made this covenant that, “Now our lives are no more our lives. We have sacrificed our whole lives for the cause of Allah.” So always repeat and keep in your mind, that now your desires and your wishes are no more yours. Now you do not have any personal desires, but you have to run your life according to the commandments of Allah, and for that, whatever you are learning in this institution, it is for you to practise it, for you to convey it to your fellow beings. When you go to the field after having completed your education from Jamia Ahmadiyya, always remember, that according to the commandments given to us by Allah, a believer is one who believes in One God, it should always remind you that, He is the one who is the merciful Allah, he is the one who is The Provider, He is the One who is The Sustainer. Always remember that if we are true to him and fulfil our promise and covenant, He will Himself make arrangements to meet all our requirements. Hence always bow before Him, and never let your desires be of this world. Always remember, your goal should be to excel in virtues, as Allah says in the Holy Qur’an,

“And everyone has a goal which dominates him, vie, therefore, with one another in good works wherever you may be, Allah will bring you all together. Surely, Allah has the power to do all that He wills.”

So, try to achieve this standard. Remember, now your competition is with the whole world, don't think you have only to spread the message of Islam and Ahmadiyyat to Ghana,. As the number is coming out from Jamia Ahmadiyya, it is quite possible, that the Jama’at send some of you to the outside countries, to other places where we are going to start our preaching. We have been getting, by the grace of Allah, more and more small islands who are joining the Jama’at, and quite a number of the inhabitants of them are of African origin. So, we need missionaries from the African Continent also, not only to those small islands, but also to other European countries. As I said in my speech, you have to excel in every field, and therefore, you have to excel in your religious knowledge also. It is quite possible that some of you can be appointed in Europe, to teach the Europeans what is the true Islam. So, the seeking of knowledge should not be confined only to the small area of your respective countries, but you have to learn more knowledge, so that you can compete and profess and convey the message of Islam to everybody. You can argue with every person of the world. So, always keep in mind that you have to increase your knowledge and broaden yourself in achieving knowledge. In this verse, when Allah says, Fastabiq-ul-Khairaat, it means, you not only attain virtues and excel yourself in religious knowledge, but convey this to your country men, and convey this to mankind. As I have said earlier, you have been the people raised for the good of mankind, and this is the good nowadays for the whole of mankind, that you bring them closer to their Creator, and that cannot be done, unless and until you are close to Him. So, try as I have said, to be honest in your studies, in changing your behaviour, make a complete reform in yourself. The people should know that by gaining the religious knowledge, there has been a complete change in yourselves. If you do it, Allah the Almighty will fulfil all your requirements, He will never let you down.  So these are the few words I wanted to tell you, may Allah enable you to follow these commandments of Allah which I have put before you, and may Allah enable you to achieve all the high goals which are expected from you, so that you can spread the true message of Islam and Ahmadiyyat. MayHe bless you abundantly and always keep you under His protection”.

Huzur led silent prayer and blessed all students with handshake. And this function was brought to an end.  After this programme with Jamia students, Huzur led Zuhr and Asr prayers in this newly built Masjid Noor. Thereafter Huzur went to Principal's residence and remained there for some time.



Huzur also signed the Visitors’ Book. Before leaving Jamia Ahmadiyya, the staff of the College and students were granted the opportunity of taking group photograph with Huzur.

Other dignitaries from Markaz  and few other places who visited the college from time to time include the following:

  1. Sahibzada Mubarak Ahmad – Wakil-e- Ala and Wakil-ut-Tabshir

  2. Mr. Mubarak Ahmad Saqi – Additional Wakil-ut-Tabshir- 1987

  3. Chaudry Nasir Ahmad - Wakilul Zara’at -1987

  4. Mr. Bashir Ahmad Rafiq – Imam London Mosque

  5. Mr. Allah Bukhsh Sadique – former secretary Majlis Nusrat Jehan

  6. Mr. Mahmood Ahmad-Sadr Majlis khudamul Ahmadiyya Markazia

  7. Mr. Mirza Fareed Ahmad – Naib Sadr Majlis khudamul Ahmadiyya Markazia

  8. Mr. Mubarak Ahmad Tahir –  Secretary Majlis Nusrat Jahan in 2003.


  1. On 4thSeptember, 2005, a team of engineers from U.K. came to the college to undertake a surveillance experiment on solar energy.


Besides, other delegates from various missions across the globe took turns to visit the college and share a word of advice with the students.


  1. Syed Qamar Suleman Ahmad Sahib—Wakeel Waqf-e-Nau in 2007.

  2. Syed Qasim Ahmad Sahib—Nazir Zara’at and Nazir Umoor-e- Kharjah on 31st January 2007.

  3. Mirza Mahmood Ahmad Sahib, the International Auditor on 8th April, 2007.

  4. A distinguished Ahmadi personality Maulana Muhammad Azam Aksir Sahib in August, 2009.

  5.  A Swedish parliamentarian on 24th July, 2011.

  6. The Amir of Germany together with a medical doctor and Mr. Abdur Rasheed an architect from the Markaz on 4th November, 2011.

  7. A Darwaish from Qadian- Ayub Ahmad Sahib.

  8. Mr Akram Ahamdi Sahib Chairman of International Association of Ahmadi Architects and Engineers in October, 2012.


Saturday, 8th September 2011, marked a historical event in the college. For the first time in the history of the college, His Excellency John Dramani Mahama, the President of Ghana, in a transit to the Ekumfi Ekrawfo town to participate in its Akwambo festival made a stopover in the college. He flew in a helicopter and landed on the college’s sports field, where he was welcomed by the entire workers of the college led by the Principal Sahib.

The President, in a brief speech acknowledged the religio-academic role the college is playing in the country. He appreciated the intensive effort of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission in its contribution to the education, economic and social building up of the country. He noted the smart appearance of the students and said that was a clear indication of how intensive they subscribed to their studies.

He wished the college steady growth and exhorted the students to continue the Ahmadi institutional track record of discipline. His Excellency joined in silent prayer for the blessings of Allah, the Almighty upon the college. The prayer was led by the principal of the college.

It is our fervent prayer that Allah may out of His Grace and bounty cause Jamia to flourish and may He enable us to train the students in the best manner pleasing to Him so that they can graduate to become worthy ambassadors of Islam Ahmadiyya. Amen

  1.  Dr. Shah Muhammad Sahib in October, 2015.

  2. Maulvi Abdul Sami Khan Sahib editor Al Fazl Rabwah visited along with Maulvi Amir Faheem Sahib, Maulvi Shahid Mahmood Sahib and Maulvi Rashid Ahmad Minhas Sahib in November, 2017. They have come to Ghana because there were some false cases against them in Pakistan.

  3. Meer Rafiq Ahmad Sahib, Wakilul Maal Saani on 10th January, 2018.

  4. Maulvi Maghfoor Ahmad Muneeb Sahib (former missionary in Japan) on 25th January, 2018.

  5.  Sir Iftikhar Ahmad Ayaz Sahib: 8th October, 2018.

  6. Ameers of Jama’ats of Sierra Leone, Liberia, Benin, The Gambia, Nigeria and Tanzania visited Jamia: 13th October, 2018.

  7. Sahibzada Mirza Waqas Ahmad Sahib: 1st November, 2018.




Development in Jamiatul Mubashireen


Building for Clinic

  • This is a big building that includes computer lab, guest room, tuck shop, the store and dispensary. The construction of this building was fully sponsored by Alhaj Abdur Rahman Ennin. جزاھم اللہ احسن الجزاء

  • Two Blocks of  Nasir Hostel (2016-2019): Part of Nasir Hostel was constructed that includes 4 rooms and a washroom unit etc. Its construction was supervised by Mr. Faiz Ahmad and Ahmadi Architect from U.K. This hostel was commissioned formally by the Ameer & Missionary in charge of Ghana.

  • Few path ways, a road and some gutters were constructed to facilitate the free movement of the students. A beautiful lawn has been formed in the middle of the hostel.

  • A new entrance along with metal gate was constructed at entry point of the college. The college was also secured by fixing concrete pillars covered with barbed wire.

  • Ablution Place: A new building was constructed near the mosque. It includes ablution place, toilet, urinals and washrooms etc. A separate toilet and ablution place was secured for ladies. This building was fully sponsored by Alhaj Abdul Hakeem Koomson, Zonal President of Mankessim. This building was opened formally by Maulvi Muhammad Bin Salih the Ameer & Missionary in charge of Ghana on 30th June, 2019.






It is interesting to note that Jamia which was admmistered by a Principal, a House master and may be one tutor in the past, it now has (9) Markazi Missionary Tutors and one(1) non Markazi Missionary Tutor to its credit. Alhamdu Lillah.


  1. Maulvi Faheem Ahmad Khadim    (Principal) 

  2. Maulvi Mubashir Hussain shahid (Vice Principal)

  3. Maulvi Tahir Ahmad Zafar (Senior Housemaster)

  4. Maulvi Malik Ghulam Ahmad (Sports In Charge)

  5. Maulvi Alhasan Alhasan Ahmad (Staff Secretary)

  6. Maulvi Mubashir Ahmad Iqbal (Housemaster)

  7. Maulvi Rizwan Kausar (In Charge Majlis Ilmi & Irshad)

  8. Murabbi Abdul Majeed Ali

  9. Hafiz Labeeb Abdullah

  10.  Maulvi Hafiz Mubashir Ahmad Javaid (Incharge Madrssatul Hifz)

  11.  Maulvi Hafiz Khaleeq Basheer (Tutor Madrassatul Hifz)

  12.  Sayyad Ibrahim Shaha (Tutor Madrassatul Hifz)


KITCHEN STAFF: The kitchen is staffed with seven workers—one matron, a head cook, 3 assistants and 2 pantry men.

COMPOUND WORKERS: These comprise to two night watchmen, one day watchman, eight labourers, a cleaner, a technician, a carpenter and two drivers.


      Alhamdulilah, in our Jamia, we have a set of three classes. The breakdown of the students is as follows:

CLASS WISE: (As at June, 2019)

  1. Year 3—— 20

  2. Year 2—— 30

  3. Year 1—— 29

  4. Special Class (francophone students learning English-----6

In all Jamiah students are 85 with 48 foreigners and 37 Ghanaians.


     The academic pursuits are based on the following subjects:

  1. Tajweed (Quran Reading)

  2. The study of The Holy Quran

  3. Hadith (The Sayings of the Holy Prophet)

  4. Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence)

  5. Islamic Literature

  6. Dialectics

  7. Comparative Study of Religions

  8. Islamic History

  9. English Language

  10. Arabic

  11. Urdu


Semester examination is conducted every year in February and July in accordance with the rules governing exam.


The Jamia students have adopted Salata Alannabi saw(Drud shrif) on daily basis as a chant for waking the Jamia students for Tahajud and Fajr prayers at 4:00 am. This has been an effective means of making the students responsive to call for prayer in the early morning.


The five compulsory daily prayers are carried out under the supervision of the house master. Daily Imams are from the final year students.


The Final Year students are made responsible for the delivery of Dars daily after Fajr and Asr prayers. The Dars are based on themes extracted from the Holy Quran, Hadith and books of the Promised Messiah as. Students are encouraged to say Tahajud prayers and conduct optional fasting, to ensure their spiritual and moral upliftment. The first Friday of the month is devoted to the performance of congregational Tahajud prayer in the mosque.


This functions from 8:00pm to 10:00pm under the supervision of the Principal, and the staff on daily basis in respect of the Jamia and Madrasa-tul-Hifz students.


According to the Markazi directive, Jamia Ahmadiyya Ghana has made a 24-hour busy schedule for the students including 3 hour Saturday classes (from 9 am to 12 noon). In this context, Jamiatul Mubashireen Ghana therefore, initiated into this programme approved by the Markaz.


It was an academic necessity to conduct special tutorial classes in English Language for the newly admitted non-English speaking students. From 2017-2018 one year special class is added to teach English to such students.


As an essential informative cum educative organ of the college and an affective audio visual aid to teaching, much attention and time are dedicated to the programmes telecast on MTA. Students are open to Huzur’s Friday sermon, Question & Answer sessions and Jalsa Salana of various countries and Jamia students have the privilege to watch Huzoor’s tours to the various countries.


Supervision of students’ concern for Huzur’s Friday sermons was put on a high pedestal. Huzur’s Friday sermon is shown again on every Wednesday. Students take notes of the sermon and a tutor checks it. At morning assembly students are called on the stage to produce some parts of the sermon daily.


On every Friday after Asr prayer, inspection is conducted in the dormitory by a team consisting of the Principal and his vice and some members of staff. This is carefully done to ensure standard cleanliness.


Though students are enrolled from different countries, from cultures and tribes, yet the college can boast of humble, submissive, well-behaved and devout missionary trainees. These characteristics are promoted by the location of the college in an isolated environment thus easing the supervision of students. Though closer to Ekrawfo, students wishing to go to the town have to do that with an exeat from the Housemaster. The college authority is leaving no stone unturned to instil in the students, all the qualities required of a missionary trainee ranging from obedience to Taqwa.


With an optimum growth of the numerical strength of the students, it was found worthwhile to group the students for academic and sports activities and competitions as is done in Markazi Jamia. This was successfully done and now the entire students of the college are being divided into four groups namely: Sadaaqat, Shajaa’at, Diyaanat and Amaanat. The division into groups gave vent to the annual academic and sports festival which is climaxed today.

special academic activities

Majlis-e-‘Ilmi and Majlis-e-Irshad is formed under which all academic activities are being organized such as academic competitions and celebrations. The competitions are held on departmental basis.

 These are organized in course of the year as follows:


  1. Hamdiyya Mehfil

  2. Natia Mehfil

  3. Jalsa Seerat-un-Nabi

  4. Musleh Maud Day

  5. Independence Day of Ghana

  6. Masih-e-Maud Day

  7. Khilafat Day

  8. Tilawat Competition

  9. Azan Calling Competition

  10. Extempore Speech Competition in Englsih

  11. Khutbat-e-Imam Quiz

  12. Message Delivery

  13. Speech Delivery Competition in English

  14. Speech Delivery Competition in Arabic

  15. Speech Delivery Competition in Urdu

  16. Prayers Memorization

  17. General Knowledge Quiz

  18. Poem Recital Competition in Urdu


As administrative routine demanded, the staff assembles regularly for staff meetings to deliberate on series of issues which calls for special attention. Urgency, sometimes calls for emergency meetings to address issues which arise. All the staff meetings are held in the spirit of administrative frankness and in an atmosphere of collective stream of decision making.


Jamia Council Meetings are also called to regularize the activities of the college by the review of the general standards relating to discipline, academic and general welfare. Some of the issues are referred to staff for collective decision on them.


It is programmed for the Tutors and Final Year Students to deliver Dars under the supervision of tutors during the month of Ramadan. Also, on Fridays the student body goes to Ekrawfo Cemetery to say prayers for the departed.  In the last ten days of Ramadan, by the Grace of Allah final year students are granted permission to perform” ITIKAF” in the Noor Mosque of the college.


Every year the final year students attend the National Shurah as observers. The objective is to create awareness of how this august meeting is conducted so as to get themselves familiarise to it.


Every Thursday after Isha the tutors deliver lectures on various topics and then students are encouraged to seek knowledge by posing diverse questions to be answered by the tutors.



The annual picnic is organized at varius locations for the realization of one of the social values of the college.where the students, the academic and the non-academic staff plung themselves into variety entertainments.


It has been the tradition of the college to organize excursions final year students. The excursions to the famous places in the country.


During the academic year apart from academic activities the college engages in friendly football matches with the teams of Ekrawfo and Jamia Ahmadiyya International.


The annual games of the college are brought into play under the supervision of sports master every year. Sporting activities includes: cross country race, football, volley ball, Mirru Dabba, Bari, tug of peace, athletics, sack race, cock fighting, three-legged race, long jump, Triple jump, Shot put, Disc throw, 1500 meter race, 100meter race, Catapult, Wrist Wrestling, walking competition and indoor games like draught and table wrestling. All the activities are keenly contested and members of the academic staff demonstrate their enthusiasm throughout the event. The student participants exhibited deep marks of sportsmanship as obtained in the previous years. Obstacle race (Rok Daur) is one of the most interesting events of our annual games which mark the end of the sporting activities.


This involves the cleansing and beautification of the campus. The exercise is done under the supervision of master in- charge for Waqar-e-Amal. It is carried out every Thursday between Asr and Maghrib. Spots that gain special attention for cleansing are: the surroundings of the staff residence, Dormitories, the opposite sides of the road to the college, structuring of the drainage system around the college and other parts of the college.

Ten days of cleansing exercise is conducted after the first semester exams by the students under the supervision of the tutor in-charge. Special Waqar-e-Amals are organized at different places as the need arises

 Again at the close of the Annual Examination, a grand opportunity comes up for the initiation of a week-long Waqar-e-Amal to give a pleasant environmental look to the college. Students are organized in groups and exercise is carry out with full involvement of all students.





Three weeks waqf-e-Arzi commences soon after the Speech and Prize Giving Day. Students are posted to various local Jama’ats. They embark upon practical missionary training. They do Tarbiyyat and Tabligh at their stations and always bring good numbers of Baiats.


Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim Sahib, Medical officer in-charge of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Hospital Daboasi and Dr. Sahibzada Rafi Ahmad in-charge Ahmadiyya Muslim Hospital, Swedro have been offering priceless medical services to the markazi staff here. The students are also given special medical attention on request.


Every year by the grace of Allah, Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Azha are celebrated jointly with the Jama’at in Ekrawfo in an enthusiastic manner. Communal meal are organized and taken together with the student body, with the idea of making the student feel at home and also appreciate the spiritual import of the occasion.


Special seminars are conducted time to time like Khilafat seminar, Who is a missionary? And loaca and Markazi missionaries and other distinguish personalities are invited to deliver lectures on various topics. When distinguish personalities visit Jamia, students are given the opportunity to interact with them by organizing a sitting with them.


ith the expressed permission of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V (atba), the first ever website fully dedicated to Jamiatul Mubashireen Ghana was launched. It provides the digital version of Fante and Twi translation of the Weekly Friday Sermon of Khalifatul Masih. The website also provides the history of the Jama’at service, its inception, and renders account of its evolution to the present day.

It must be singled out for mention the invaluable service rendered by  a former Mauritian student-Mr. Labeed Ahmad whose expertise knowledge in computer science contributed immensely to the building up of the website. We appreciate his dutiful commitment in this respect.

A team of Markazi tutors and Jamiah students have been engaged on the sustenance of the website activities.




Every year, the regional Khuddam Rallies are held  in different Jama’ats of the Central Region in which the students of Jamia participate fully. In the National Khuddam Rallies  Students and staff of Jamiatul Mubashireen regularly participate as well.

It is our fervent prayer that Allah may out of His Grace and bounty cause Jamia to flourish and enable us to train the students in the best manner pleasing to Him. So that they can graduate to become worthy ambassadors of Islam Ahmadiyyat. May Allah, the Almighty enable us to achieve this noble aim.  AMEEN.             


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